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KIDS REVIEW: ‘Paws and Claws Wild Adventures’

Kids on the Coast youngsters Marley and Kaius went to the ‘Paws and Claws Wild Adventures’ holiday workshop and had an exciting day of kangaroo and Cassowary feeding, lemur encounters, feeding the dingos, possum and echidna encounters, along with koala pats and koala keeping duties.

After such a huge day they were all exhausted but happy! Here’s what they had to say about their adventure:

Marley age 10

I was really looking forward to my day at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. My mum dropped my brother and I off and a really nice ranger gave us Nature Ed hats and stickers with a pencil and pamphlet. We got to make our own name tags which we wore all day. All the 10 – 14 year old girls and boys lined up first to go onto a train. On the train we passed some animal enclosures and then we stopped at the kangaroo enclosure and fed the kangaroos. We all saw a little joey pop out of its mothers’ pouch which was so cute!

We then went to Lost Valley. It was so fun we saw all types of birds, I was very interested in the Uzion Bleeding Heart Pigeon, I found two of them. We were given a sheet we and to fill in for all the birds that we saw. We then went to the Big Fang Theory and we saw a two year possum called Digger and he was the cutest animal I have ever seen! After that we got in to a circle and an echidna came around so we could pat him. I never knew how soft his spikes would feel. We were told they roll up into a ball as defence. We then went to the bird show and saw quite a few beautiful birds. I was picked to go on stage and feed a Curlew bird, that was so much fun! It had been a big day and it was nearly home time. We were given certificates and lollipops. It was such a fun day!

currumbin paws workshop nametags

Kaius age 9

My mum dropped my sister and I off at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary at 8.30am and the first thing we did was put our Nature Ed hats on and make our name tags. We had a ranger, who took us on a train to the kangaroo area. We put our bags down and each grabbed a hand full of kangaroo feed and fed them. I was very excited about that! The next thing we did was go to the Lost Valley where we met two lemurs and their names were Andrew and Vinnie. They looked so happy and cheeky.

Next stop was the crocodile enclosure and we saw two crocodiles – they were so cool but still a bit scary! After that we made little parcels for the dingos and we put poo in it which was kind of gross but cool at the same time, we were all laughing. We then went to the gum tree area and saw a Gold Brush Tail Possum named Digger. We then watched the bird show and my sister Marley was picked to go up on stage and feed a Curly Bird. It was really cool we all got to pat a koala too. We all got a certificate and then it was 3.30pm so it was time to go home. It was fun activity to do in the school holidays and I learned so much about the animals.

Originally published 23 August 2018 on Kids on the Coast magazine