REVIEW: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary ‘Wildskies Free Flight Bird Show’

Looking for something to do these school holidays? Head on over to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for their new ‘Wildskies Free Flight Bird Show’. The show will take place in a new purpose built stadium where the birds will fly over the heads of the audience bringing the entire experience to a whole new level. As well as getting up and close to these beautiful birds, the audience will learn about their role in the environment and how we can help.

Two of the Kids on the Coast kids had a chance to see and review this amazing show.

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MARLEY BAUCKE (10 years old)

Wow I can hardly believe it! Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has found another way to make their sanctuary even better and more fun. You have to see their new ‘Wildskies Free Flight Bird Show’ it is so amazing! I’ll tell you more about it.

Waiting in our seats wondering what’s going to happen then all of a sudden a deep voice comes over the loudspeaker telling the audience about the Aboriginal culture and the first birds to set flight on our land. I didn’t know a lot of these facts and learned so many new things.

After the great introduction a lovely lady named Tina introduces our first bird, Marlon the beautiful Pelican who has long white feathers. Marlon is quite the character. He came in and out of the stadium staring at the audience and was so cute!

After Marlon, a Crested Tern named Monster came out. He was so little and cute and the audience loved him as he splashed about in the water.

Next a fierce Barking Owl named Bailey came out and got up close to the audience. One of the cool things I loved was that the show was very interactive, the Barking Owl was able to perch on the arm of an audience member. Lucky!

After that, the cockatoos came out and flew across the stadium it was amazing to watch.

One of the last birds to set flight was my personal favourite, Big Bird the Majestic Green Winged Macaw. The beautiful red, green and blue feathers brought colour to the stage. Big Bird loves nuts and fun fact – for birds, nuts are like having ice cream or pizza for people. This kind of bird is very exotic to Australia.

The end of the show was near and then Jesse the Wedge Tailed Eagle came out. He was so beautiful! We even got to have a photo with him, with his wings opened all the way! Imagine being so close to one of the largest bird species in the world! My family was so excited!

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KAIUS BAUCKE (9 yeas old)

“Whoosh” came the mist from the moat. “Over 85 million years ago the first bird print was found.” A voice boomed over the stadium. We learned about the Aboriginal culture and the first birds to inhabit Australia. We also learned that we need to pick up all our rubbish so it doesn’t hurt or kill these beautiful animals. It’s important to keep reminding people about this.

The first bird to come out was Marlon the Pelican. His elongated bill was so cool! His trainer Brendan kept giving him fish to eat and he kept catching each one but then dropping it, it was so funny to watch!

Monster the Crested Tern was so cute! He can dive a meter underwater. He is new to performing in front of people but I think he did a great job.

Bailey the Barking Owl was one of my favourite birds from the show. He is so beautiful and he can turn his head 270 degrees in both directions! Wow!

All of the trainers were really good but my favourite presenter was Bernard because he was teaching Big Bird the Majestic Green Winged Macaw to fly on command. Big Bird loves clapping and cheering from the audience so we were trying to be as loud as possible so he would perform for us. We all thought he wasn’t going to fly but eventually he did and it was amazing to watch!

All the birds where really cool from the little Monster the Crested Tern to Jesse the gigantic Wedge Tailed Eagle. My sisters and I had some photos taken with Jesse and all of a sudden, he opened his wings! That was the coolest thing ever!

The ‘Wildskies Free Flight Bird Show’ was the best bird show I’ve ever seen.

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