The weather is warming up and the experts are warning people to look out for snakes around their home and property.

Snake season is in full swing!

A few years ago I was at home with my three young children, putting the laundry away in my bedroom with my baby on my bed, happily playing. I looked up briefly and saw a snake slithering near my doorway. It wasn’t a big snake, but it was a snake nonetheless! My instant reaction was to scream and jump onto my bed, scaring my baby as well as my two toddlers out in the lounge room. My husband was working interstate at the time and in a state of panic I called him. First he asked me to take a picture so he could see what type of snake it was and then he reminded me we know a wildlife ranger from Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. It turned out to be a baby green tree snake, so it wasn’t dangerous but it was still terrifying!

I called my wildlife ranger friend who came over with her three children and then she called the resident snake catcher and he came around and gently caught him, showing him off to the children while giving them a lesson about snakes. The good news was the snake was not venomous but the bad news was the snake was a newborn baby so the mother and the rest of the babies, possibly about six to eight, weren’t too far away.

We were told to keep the doors closed for the next few days giving the snakes a chance to move on. As scary as it was, my children were able to learn about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to snakes from a professional snake catcher.

Mick Tate from the Australian Reptile Park explains there are two main reasons snakes come out around this time of year. Once the temperatures rise above 18 degrees, snakes start digest their food so they make their way out to search for more food. Spring time is also mating season so you will see male snakes wondering around in search for a female mate.

With very little rain during winter the snakes are also looking for water and as a result are attracted to people’s homes and properties.

Use the following tips to protect your family and homes from snakes:

  • Destroy the environment around your home that may be comfortable for snakes
  • Keep grass maintained
  • Clear piles of wood
  • Remove items inside and outside the home that pile up
  • Seal crevices around the home
  • Install screens over vents

What to do if you come across a snake:

  • Do not approach the snake
  • Do not make rapid movements
  • Stay calm
  • Do not try to catch or kill
  • Contact the snake catcher

Follow the tips below for snake bites:

  • Keep bite victim calm and immobile
  • Apply pressure to the bite
  • Use immobilisation bandage on entire limb
  • Seek urgent medical attention